05 October 2011

Sorry, I'm not perfect enough :'*

Dear H,

I'm sorry. I tahu you bosan dengar i ckp sorry. But its okay. Take your time. Hmm srsly, you meant the world to me. Tak kira sapeeeeeeee pun datang dlm hidup i, i cuma nak you :'/ Takde orang lain. I tak tahu nak explain mcmana lagi. Hm trust me pleaseeeee? I tahu you pun tak kan percaya i lagi dah :'/ You deserve better than me. You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy. Someone who won't complicate your life. Someone who won't hurt you. Someone who won't leave you. Nd the most important is someone who will love you more than me. Satu relationship tak boleh teruskan kalau kita tak percaya each other kan? Nd the worst part is I yang buat you tak percaya kan i lagi. I'm sorry. I dah jadi girlfie you for 184 days :'/ nd esok dah masuk 6 months relationship nie. Hmm is this the end? Honestly, I bukan give up. I tak kan give up. Hm i just wanna be you best girlfriend one more time so i can let this all go. I love you, Biey Sayang :'/

Your Girlfriend,

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