09 March 2012

Don't look back.

I tahu you dah tahu pun pasal I dgn Akeem kan? And semalam you dah text i. You dah decide apa yang you patut buad. Thanks a lot k? Thankyousooooomuch :') You deserve better than me. Trust me k? You kena move on and dont look back. There's nothing we can do. Its just too late. I tahu i banyak salah dgn you. And i'm sorry. I'm sorry for all mistakes that i've done. I'm just a normal human being. Someone out there needs what you can give. Someone out there can give what you want. Someone out there can love you more than me. And someone out there can be your everything :') Ok? Don't worry. You still kawan i. No matter what :') So keep smiling ok? Takecare boy :')

With smile,

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